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By utilizing an online training portal, your company can have its own company-specific training site.  This tool can help you keep track of courses, students/employees and instructors in your organization.  Developed with professional, private and public organizations in mind, training executives can implement e-learning in a variety of ways.


Functionality for Students

With a username and password, students can readily access courses on a TrainingPortal.  The following functionality could be available to students:

  • Search, register and complete e-learning courses
  • Participate in discussion forums and chats
  • Follow personal progression in the course
  • See which courses he or she is registered for and which courses have been completed
  • Send messages and emails to instructors and other course participants
  • Print out a Certificate of Completion for completed courses

Functionality for Instructors

TrainingPortal-type administrators can get an overview of their organization's training activities and enable access to the following functionality:

  • Create, edit, and delete students, and organize them within organizational units
  • Create courses and classes
  • Enroll students and instructors for courses
  • Generate reports on student progression and results
  • Delegate responsibility for administrative tasks to the local administrator
Customarily, the user interface is intuitive and easy to follow.